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Currently there are 586 courses available in our database.

Review the available courses directly from DroidCaddie going to:

Courses->New Course->Browse available courses.

But, remember you do NOT need your course to be available in order to use DroidCaddie. The only feature missing is distance to center of green, and that is easily solved the first time you use it in a specific course.

NEW: Review the tutorial for creating a new course.

Please submit your new courses to us, in one of these two ways:

A) Directly from droidcaddie: Go to Courses, select the course to upload, keep your touch until you see the context menu and select Save course to XML file…

B) Use this form to upload an XML file already in droidcaddie format, or a KML or TXT file with your course details and we’ll format the XML for you:


Contact us at support@droidcaddie.com


Finally, you can simply request your course to be added for you just sending an email to support@droidcaddie.com. Or using this form:

Choose a file to upload:
Your email (optional):
Course details:

Recently added courses:

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· Saugahatchee Country Club, Alabama, USA.

· Golf Club at Vistoso, Arizona, USA

· Eagle Ridge Golf Course, MS, USA.

· Deerfield, Mississippi, USA.

· Western Skies Golf Club, Arizona, USA

· Sugar Valley Country Golf & Country Club, Florida, USA.

· Moreno Valley Ranch Golf, California, USA

· Sankaty Head Golf Club, MA, USA.

· Charleston Springs Golf Club, New Jersey, USA

· Lakewood Country Club, New Jersey, USA

· Hominy Hill, New Jersey, USA