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Main program features:

· Keep the score for up to four players simultaneously.

· Online view your current position on the map.

· Zoom-in & zoom-out to view the details you need.

· Rotate the map, keeping the hole flag on the top of your screen, or keep standard north orientation to meet your needs.

· Use it in portrait or landscape mode.

· Record the location and distance of every stroke for online reviewing in your phone screen.

· Easy to use screen, allows application to be manage with a single finger.

· An even simpler mode is available, in case you don’t want the map to be permanently shown.

· If available, review the current distance to the center of the next green.

· All data is stored in an internal SQL database in your phone. No need to be online to review it. All the information is in your hand.

· No subscription service is needed. Once you pay, use DroidCaddie forever!.

· Get statistics about current round, like putts per hole, or distance by club type.

· Display past games statistics for current hole, so you can track your performance.

· Use yards or meters, just changing an option.

· Rounds can be sent by email to all players or friends.

· Round can be exported to a KML file, allowing you to review all the hits in Google Earth.

· View hole graph.

· Annotate any hole, modifying the hole description to reflect your own notes for next rounds.

· DroidCaddie can be used even if there is no GPS information about the course’s holes. The only thing you miss is the distance to the center of the green. Moreover, it is very simple to add that information for the next round: simply use the “Flag is current GPS position” menú option for storing new information in the database.

· Easily get new courses from the web.

· Create your own courses easily: from your phone, from an external XML file or from a KML file.

· Share your courses with others with the “export course to XML” option.

· Using accelerometer capabilities, DroidCaddie will let you measure all green slope angles. No more putts missed because of wrong estimations. Please note that the use of measuring devices is currently forbidden in most golf courses.

Contact us at support@droidcaddie.com