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Do you play Golf? Have you got an android phone?

Then DroidCaddie is for you!

Droid Caddie is a program to be used in your android phone to record all scores during golf play, and to show and analyze the game results on the screen. Using the integrated GPS of android phones, it will allow any player to quickly view the distance to the center of the next green, and the distance made by the recent strokes, allowing you to select the best club for the next hit.

NEW: Starting with version 1.1, get GPS distance to ANY point in the course!

All information about courses, players and rounds is stored locally in your phone in an SQL database, so past played rounds can be shown on the screen and the results analyzed. No need to register in any remote web. Just buy the product and use it forever.

It can keep a detailed scorecard of up to four players, view your position in the course, calculate statistics for your current and past games, export the results to a file, a Google-Earth KML file or even send them to your friends by e-mail. It even includes a green-slope measure system so youíll no longer have an excuse for missing a putt!

A FREE fully-functional version is available as a 90-days trial (search for DroidCaddieFree in Android Market) or download it here. After that period, lots of features will still be available though.

The demo will expire on November 1st.


Version History:

 1.0: Initial public release

 1.0.1: Improved Simple Interface

 1.1.1: Added GPS distance to any point in the map, and from that point to the flag.

 1.1.2: Solved bug where options were not being saved.

 1.2.0: Added Full-screen Big Map Mode

 1.2.1: Touch mode bug when loading a file solved.

 1.2.2: Solved bug when generating stats plus a bug when entering a negative longitude.

 1.2.3: Saving a player with menu key produced a crash. Solved bug.

 1.2.4: Solved bug where deleting a player deleted all round information from other players.

 1.2.5: Added Maximum distance by club to Stats.

 1.2.6: Improved KML parsing

 1.2.7: Added user1-user5 clubs

 1.3.0: User defined clubs, and some bug solving.

 1.4.0: Added Spanish language support

 1.4.1: Bug solved.

 1.4.10: Multi-language support. Multiple bugs solved.

Contact us at support@droidcaddie.com

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